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Hand-carved Stamps and Prints

Taught by Melissa Wastney
Melissa Wastney - Hand-carved stamps and printing

Carve your way to a new pattern for the home.

Melissa Wastney, author of Sweet & Simple Handmade, will take you through how to take rubber erasers and carve them into small unique printing blocks.

Using a selection of coloured inks, Melissa will show you how best to create your own original fabric and paper goods.

What to Bring

  • $4 cash ‘ink fee’
  • Your own set of lino-cutting tools (available in a little box from most craft stores)
  • One or more rubber erasers (certain types/brands work better than others with certain tools, so maybe bring a selection of different kinds, if possible)
  • Something on which to print: plain paper, blank cards, or cotton or linen fabric

A selection of coloured fabric/paper inks and examples of printed goods will be provided by the tutor

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