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Wet Felted Boots

Taught by Jane Wrigglesworth

Keep your feet snug this winter and make your own felted boots. Jane Wrigglesworth will explore the world of wet-felting in this comprehensive and fun workshop, showing you how to get a beautiful finish for your boots.

Ideal for beginners, you can make any size from toddlers to adults.

Our Sat 30 May, 9:00 AM Session has sold out but we have introduced a new session on Sun 31 May at 2:00 PM 

What to Bring

  • Corriedale (or merino) wool sliver in your choice of colour (amount to confirm)
  • 1m square piece bubble wrap
  • 1m square piece old net curtaining
  • 1 small roll-up bamboo blind (fixtures removed), or one large bamboo mat
  • Waterproof rolling bar (a pool noodle is ideal – cut in half. Bring one half)
  • Scissors
  • Thick cardboard for template, plus thick tape
  • 1 plastic squeeze bottle (for water – like an old dishwashing liquid bottle)
  • Towel/sponge
  • Wool amounts: Child small (2–6) 40-50g
  • Child medium (7–11) 60–70g
  • Child large (12–2) 80–90g
  • Adult medium (6–9) 180–200g
  • Adult large (10–13) 240–280g

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