Handmade Goes Biennial

We are very excited to announce a significant change in the way we will bring you Handmade. After a lot of thinking, strategising and review we are going to take Handmade to a two-yearly format. Why? Because, after running it every year now for five years we better understand what is required to truly bring an innovative approach to the hands-on world. This will mean that there will be no Handmade this year with the next one being in 2017.

The biennial format will let us do some pretty exciting things and cater both for our dedicated, wonderful teachers as well as the needs of the public. We’ll be keeping in touch to let you know what we have in mind soon but for now just remember that Handmade has grown from attendance of zero to over three thousand in such a short time – we’ve already delivered 400 classes in Handmade topics as varied as crafting clocks to making dumplings. We have learnt so much and believe that the two-yearly format will allow us to properly and more fully apply these learning’s to take the event to the next level.

So keep watching and we’ll be letting you know about progress towards 2017 in the very near future.

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